Personal Blenders

A personal owned blender is important to have for kitchen enthusiasts. This is because you will be able to perform numerous cooking tasks with it like making fresh juice, mixing cake & cookie ingredients, beating eggs, making smoothies, etc.

Each blender model that you will come across in the market will generally be different from the next in terms of features. Some features are nonetheless standard for all.

The features that each blender has provide an essential basis for you decision making process since no one really wants a machine that will break down only a few months after use. There are several brands available in the market but three of the most popular blenders are:


This is a well-known brand when it comes to personal blenders and it offers you with the opportunity of upgrading when you require making more nut milks and smoothies. The Vitamix blender is very powerful since it has been fitted with a 2 HP motor. Moreover, it also comes with a relatively large jar which ensures that food stuff does not stick to the side when you are blending. Another advantage of this type of blender is that it also comes with a blending container that is dry hence comes in handy when you want to make homepage flour. It is also quieter and has a sturdy design in general.

There are several cons that come with the Vitamix nonetheless with the major one being the plastic container. Most people usually prefer glass to plastic. Its design is also quite in-attractive as well. Another con is that the blender is very expensive especially when you compare it to other models in the market which means you may not get the value for money paid.


Blendtec blenders are very powerful and they offer you with an opportunity of blending the toughest of ingredients. This is owing to the fact that they are designed with blades (operated by a 3 HP motor) made from stainless steel hence have the capability of blending any ingredient regardless of the setting that you use. The blender does not produce a lot of noise so it comes in handy during late night cooking tasks since you will not disturb your neighbors. The 3 -year warranty that comes with the blender is also very beneficial.

Even though the Blendtec blender has numerous pros, there are also some cons all the same. For instance, the blender does not come with a glass container but a plastic one and it is not quite attractive hence cannot offer you with the beauty aspect that most consumers look for in blenders. The blender is also expensive but the price is nevertheless worth it because of the service that you will consequently receive from it.View more tips at


Personal BlendersKitchenaid blenders are very powerful and you can use them when you want to mix tough ingredients. It has been designed with a 2 HP motor which means that you will be able to get the amount of power that you require at any point in time. There are also several models which means that you can choose the one that is most suitable for your particular needs.

The blender is dishwasher safe which makes it very easy to clean.

There are several cons of the Kitchenaid blender with the major one being that it is very noisy. In addition, the lid of the blender also tends to change color rapidly especially when you are blending tomatoes frequently. When you use the blender at high speeds, the decanter can easily crack.
The capacity of the jar matters a lot since it will determine the amount of ingredients that can be blended at any given time. You should therefore ensure that you get the correct size so that you can be able to perform your cooking tasks in a simple manner.